Why is paper digitization the perfect choice for companies and businesses? When the 4.0 era comes to the throne, the conversion of paper data, paper records is gradually replaced by digital electronic methods… This article invites you and MVB accounting services to learn in detail about paper digitization.

What is document digitization?

Paper digitization is the conversion of paper data records into electronic, digital form through conversion software. This will help companies and businesses to easily manage and control information search more easily, and also save a lot because there is no printing cost like normal paper data.


The benefits that digitalization of documents brings to businesses

1/ Easily share documents

In the past, document sharing would be done by mailing or by post. With digitization of documents, sharing documents becomes simpler and faster via the internet. Cloud computing technology also makes it possible for many people to access the document at the same time and complete it.


2/ Store information securely

With digital technology, business documents will be stored securely, ensuring high security. The possibility of data loss and misplacement is as non-existent. Safe, convenient, unlike documents on paper.


3/ Simple and scientific data management

As business documents are increasing day by day, traditional paper storage will be difficult to control precisely. It is inevitable that documents will be lost. But with the use of data digitization it is different. Managers and employees can easily track and manage documents easily.


4/ Search and look up information quickly

If the traditional method of document storage is still used, accountants have to spend all day looking for a document that may not come out. But if you use digitizing e-invoice software or accounting software, finding that invoice will be as simple as a few mouse clicks. Without wasting time of accountants, work efficiency will be higher.


5/ Unlimited storage space

Cloud computing technology helps users store data online and unlimited. This helps businesses save a lot of paper document storage costs.


6/ Increase customer experience

Customer experience should be a top priority for businesses. Because customers are the ones who generate revenue for the business.

The previous administrative paperwork accounted for 60% of customers’ waiting time. Customers wait for an invoice from the seller, then there may be errors and have to wait a few more days to adjust and resend. This will directly affect customer satisfaction. Impact on the customer’s shopping experience for the business. But with the digitization of data, customers only have to wait a few minutes to view and check invoices. increase the professionalism of the business with customers to work good.

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